Assessments Instruments

Step One Survey®

A pre-employment screening tool for assessing the attitudes of job candidates regarding integrity, reliability, drug use, and work ethic.

The Profile™

A multi-purpose assessment that can be used for selection, training, promotion, managing, and succession planning.

Profile Performance Indicator™

Understand how an individual is effectively understood, motivated, and managed.

Profiles Team Analysis™

Shows attributes of each team member, the team’s strengths and weaknesses and alerts the team leader to potential problems.

Profiles Sales Indicator™

A tool for selecting, managing, and training salespeople and building an effective sales team.

Customer Service Survey

Identifies people who have the right behavioral traits to give outstanding customer service.

Profiles Call Center™ Survey

Find people who fit your call center culture.

Profiles Career Coach™

Answers the question, “What is the right job for me?”

Checkpoint 360º

A powerful professional development tool.