Profile Sales Indicator™


To help you identify top performers to build an effective sales team.


Five key qualities of successful salespeople:

  • Competitiveness – indicates a strong desire to win, persuasive.
  • Self-Reliance – identifies those who know it all vs. are open.
  • Persistence – identifies those who stick with the task until completed.
  • Energy Level – identifies risk takers, those who like challenges and are resilient.
  • Sales Drive – identifies those who are self-motivated with a focus on results rather than the process.


Performance in seven critical sales behaviors

  • Prospecting – shows inherent drive and motivation on task.
  • Closing the Sale – competitive winning by exceeding goal expectations through aggressiveness.
  • Call Reluctance – resistance to rejection and call reluctance, even through periods of difficulty.
  • Self-starting – energetically driven to employ self-directed goals to keep challenged and take initiative.
  • Working with a Team – appreciates friendly competition and participates while maintaining independence.
  • Building and Maintaining Relationships – builds client relationships with strong persistence and self-sufficiency.
  • Compensation Preference – self-reliant focus on results, and motivated by winning the chase.

Special Note

With more than 25,000 applicants and incumbents participating in the validation study sample, Profiles Sales Indicator™ is a unique assessment from the perspective that it comes as a complete product. It has a distortion scale that shows how candid and frank the candidate is while taking the assessment, a high reliability coefficient (.82), a Technical Manual, and a Job Match Pattern (Success Pattern) that indicates the percentage match against the company’s top performers. The Success Pattern explains the 80/20 Rule – why some people get hired lacking sales essentials.


Profiles Sales Indicator is accessible via the Internet.

  • It takes the individual 20 to 30 minutes to complete.
  • All reports are available immediately upon completion the assessment.


Profiles Sales Indicator generates these reports:

  • Individual Report – provides a complete explanation of the individual’s results.
  • Management Report – provides management coaching information.

Click here to access the sample individual report.
Click here to access the sample individual report.
Click here to access the sample individual report.