Profiles Performance Indicator™


To help you develop the potential your employees bring to the job.


Behavioral tendencies in motivational energy and four other critical job related competencies . . . and their impact on seven critically important aspects of success in business:

  1. Productivity
  2. Quality of Work
  3. Initiative
  4. Teamwork
  5. Problem Solving
  6. Response to Stress and Conflict
  7. Work Motivation

Breaks Inhibitors

Profiles Performance IndicatorTM breaks the inhibitors to effective communication, management and productivity by reducing conflicts in personality and style that get in the way of problem solving.

  • Specific, individualized management suggestions are offered for working more productively with each person you manage. When used with your employee, they perceive that your personalized attention is customized to their needs, personality and best interests.
  • The Individual Report helps employees understand their on-the-job attitudes, emotions and behaviors. It provides valuable feedback and information for professional growth and is a guide to improving their communication and cooperation with co-workers.


Profiles Performance IndicatorTM is accessible via the Internet.

  • It takes the individual about 20 minutes to complete.
  • All reports are available immediately upon completing the assessment.


Profiles Performance IndicatorTM generates these reports:

  • Individual Report – A guide to self-improvement, individuals learn about themselves, their strengths and their challenges. The report helps them identify and make full use of strengths, develop an awareness of areas that could limit their full effectiveness, and develop strategies to achieve success.
  • Management Report – Explains how an individual is effectively understood, motivated, and managed. The report provides recommendations for improving employee performance – how to respond to job-related stress, frustration and conflict, how to stimulate employee motivation, and whether the employee is internally motivated or will need external stimulation. It gives direction with respect to training and confirms or clarifies manager’s impressions and their subordinate’s compatibility with the demands of their position.

Click here to access the sample individual report.
Click here to access the sample individual report.