Why should you use assessment instruments

Why should you use assessment instruments?

  • 95% of applicants will exaggerate to get a job.
  • Two of three employees would rather work somewhere else.
  • Most hiring decisions are made in haste, during the first five minutes of an interview.
  • Employee turnover can cost as much as 2 1/2 times a person’s annual salary.
  • 80% of turnover is avoidable.
  • In 1998, absenteeism cost employers $757 per employee. – USA Today
  • You can be held liable for employees’ behavior on and off the job. Their criminal behavior could cost you your business if you hire without practicing due diligence.
  • You can be sued for discrimination. In the absence of objective data, how can you demonstrate a hiring/promotion decision was made objectively?
  • A survey of employed people reveal that 56% admitted lying to their supervisors, 41% admitted falsifying records, 35% admitted stealing from their employers and 31% admitted abusing drugs or alcohol.
  • American businesses annually suffer $400 billion in losses because of employee fraud and theft! That’s $9.00 per employee per day!
  • It is estimated that 36,000 companies go out of business each year because of employee theft.