Customer Service Survey


To help you build an effective Customer Service team.


Suitability for customer service responsibilities relative to Customer Service Knowledge (a trainable skill) and eight important behavioral characteristics:

  • Customer Service Knowledge (People Skills, Courtesy, Common Sense)
  • Assertiveness (Persuasive, Confident, Outgoing)
  • Persistence (Persevering, Unwavering, Emotionally tough)
  • Empathy (People-focused, Relationship-oriented)
  • Drive (High competitive, Aggressive, Opportunistic)
  • Organization (Organized, Conforms, Routine-focused)
  • Maturity (Sound judgment, Stable, Tolerant)
  • Creativity (Inventive, Unique, Innovative)
  • Incentive (Recognition, Feedback, External)


People who have the right behavioral traits to give outstanding customer service. “Customers go where they are wanted and stay where they are appreciated.”


Success Patterns (benchmarks) that are built in to identify personalities that are successful in customer service relations.


Of the test items was derived from over 13 years of literature review of applied psychology research. The personality patterns are driven by competencies established by years of research with many companies which have used personality scales in their businesses. Since 1997, research has been focused on refining the scales for Customer Service organizations and Call Centers.

Special Note

The 105 test items effectively measure the behavioral characteristics reported, and the particular competencies needed, for success in providing Customer Service and in Call Center sales. The more than 10,000 subjects in the study validates the ability for companies to select top performers as Customer Service Representatives and Call Center Salespersons.


Customer Service Survey is directly accessible via the Internet.

  • The assessment takes the individual about 20 minutes to complete.
  • All reports are available immediately upon completing the assessment.


Customer Service Survey generates a report which pinpoints specific knowledge and training needs, identifies top performers and gives coaching suggestions for those who are not.

  • Results of job match are presented in graphic and narrative formats.
  • The Report identifies training needs in sales practices.

Click here to access the sample individual report.