Employee Relations

The most successful client relations with eSOURCES are clients who value their employees. eSOURCES spends time with these clients to understand their culture and their short- and long-term business objectives. After we gain this understanding, we work with the clients to develop or revise their organization’s existing policies and procedures including an employee handbook to reinforce the desired business culture. We also help develop performance management processes, including performance appraisals to reinforce the total compensation philosophy and strengthen employee accountability.

Personal On-Site Guidance

We provide personal on-site guidance when our clients need to assist with employees who may not be performing or behaving in an appropriate manner. This helps the client’s management team learn the correct way to redirect employee performance while providing documentation for any future disciplinary action our clients may need to impose.

eSOURCES provides a host of compliance functions for our clients including pre-employment screenings and assisting with the new hire interview and selection process. We provide confidential toll-free employee compliance “hotline” services, including investigation and annual reporting, assisting with unemployment claims management, and employee and compliance training.

Pre-employment screening isn’t one-size fits all, and eSOURCES will help develop a customized screening process.

  • Drug Testing

  • Credit Check

  • Employment History Verification

  • Criminal Background Check

  • Motor Vehicle Record Check

  • Education/Credential Verification