Step One Survey®


To help you hire people who have integrity, are responsible, are drug-free, and are hardworking.


Attitudes of job candidates regarding your objective above. This assessment is only for pre-hire!


Applicant screening is a new concept in honesty evaluations that is a step ahead of traditional integrity tests by enabling employers to legally gather information.

Special Note:

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce concludes that employee theft contributes to one-third of business failures – effectively, businesses stolen by their employees.


The developers of the Step One Survey® employed an innovative technique in developing this specialty-hiring tool. While many other integrity tests were designed to be paper and pencil lie detectors, the Step One Survey® uses an entirely different concept. Section I uses direct admission questions to explore an applicant’s attitudes and background, while Section II compares the applicant’s responses with those of two distinctly different groups – recently released ex-convicts and long-term retail store employees with excellent work histories. The ex-convicts’ crimes were predominantly offenses dealing with theft and drug use.

Step One Survey® consists of questions an employer can legally ask and which tell whether the applicant thinks like people who have been convicted of serious crimes or like people who have histories of integrity, responsibility, and drug-free, long-term employment.


Step One Survey® is accessible via the Internet.

  • It takes the individual about 20 minutes to complete.
  • All reports are available immediately upon completing the assessment.


In full compliance with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s Title VII provisions, the Step One Survey® turns 44 applicant responses into questions that restrict the interviewer from making inquiries which are not job related (such as a person’s lifestyle, like sexual orientation or marital status) and are not about past alcohol or drug use (Americans with Disabilities Act). The Distortion Scale tells how candid and frank the respondent was while taking the assessment.

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